Customized plush toys

plush toys are always child friendly and in high demand in today's marketing industry. So the main attraction is the shape, objects and color of the animals. we have bulk of collection with high quality products.

We provide:

1. Fabric toys are labeled as flame resistant or flame retardant.
2. toys should be washable.
3. Painted toys are lead free paint.
4. Art materials are non-toxic.

Our Process:

1. Enquiries:-
We welcome all Enquiries to our official official websites and project consultants. We finalize and approve orders based on their needs. We provide them with expert product design ideas and perspectives as needed. We give all preferences to customer ideas and designs.

2. project quotation:-
We offer custom plush toys in a variety of designs and colors. Product price always depends on customer needs, product size, color, quantity, delivery and designs. We provide quality and affordable products for online delivery.

3. Product Design:-
We have over 50 years of experience in this industry. Our experts provide some feedback, overall outlook and excellent advice for your product based on your needs. The customer can come up with their own ideas using all the requirements they understand. This will enhance the product quality and completeness for your product.

4. Quality and safty:-
Based on the design and configuration of the product, we begin to make it a reality. We use only quality material and finish on time. The next step is to inspect the product, identify the defects that have occurred and confirm that everything is in order for delivery.

5. Packaging box:-
Today, many brands use custom boxes for promotional and branding purposes. Customization is undoubtedly the perfect strategy to increase your sales without spending extra money on promotional events. This is a simple and amazing idea that can boost your sales in a short amount of time. We offer a variety of packaging materials to realize the packaging concept, including plastic bags and custom color boxes.

6. Delivery:-
We supply all our customized plush toys based on scheduled time and date. You can track the product and manage delivery based on the code. Delivery charge depending on location and shipping area. We use fast transaction services and make customers happy.


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